Vintage Purple Oval 70s Mesh Cufflinks

This is an extremely handsome pair of cufflinks that my camera could not capture accurately.

 They came out blue and by the time I got done trying to alter the color, they turned out a bit dull looking as above, which they are not.

The ovals are a pleasing shade of purple and lavender and the stripes are not as defined as above.

If there was a purple lapis, then I would say the ovals resemble that.

The ovals are cold to the touch, but I don't think they are stone.  They are somewhat flat and feel laminated.

All of the gold is not so green looking, but a normal shade of true gold.

These would make good links for Easter.

They are in excellent condition.

$24.00  S&H $2.25 

Shipping is combined if multiple purchase is made.

Light Purple Oval Gold Mesh Cufflinks

Select: $24.00

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