Hot Pink & Navy Go Go Dancer 70s Style
Bellbottom Pants Outfit

Can you say groovy?!  This is definitely much cuter on than one can tell from my picture.  Petite and thin people look fantastic in this.   
The color is actually almost eggplant or a very deep navy with a purple hue to it in certain lighting.  The arms and bottoms of the legs are semi sheer hot pink and navy.  
The fabric is a lightweight stretchy panne velvet.  The top is meant to be a crop top exposing the midriff.  You might as well show it while you can.
This outfit has a wild or dramatic look great for a theme party, but it is not sturdy enough to wear every weekend as a go go dancer at club but it is durable enough to get several used out of and even pass down to a teenage daughter.  These were very popular in my store for 1970s parties.
My hot pink patent platform pumps look smashing with this, but any 70's style fuchsia or hot pink shoes will match.
It is hand washable and does not shrink.

Size:  4/5, 5/6, 7(top is 8/9)   
The tops tend to be a bit larger than the bottoms.  Alteration possible if prearranged.
 $55.00     USA S&H $8.00    VISA/MC Only
It is helpful if you state your hip and chest size in inches in the Special Comments section on the order form so that I send the best size for you.

 Purple ish Blue Go Go Dancer Bellbottom Pants Outfit

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