Men's Light Blue 1970s Style
                          Sequin Disco Shirt

I don't think it gets much FLASHIER than this.  If the disco ball's light doesn't bounce off of this, I don't think anything will.  You might even blind someone.  Perhaps this shirt should come with a warning label.... In any case, they will SEE YOU COMING in this one.  My picture can't even do this shirt full justice. The lightweight breathable fabric consists of light blue sequins against a light blue metallic threaded background causing a tremendous amount of REFLECTION.  You will definitely STAND OUT AT A 1970s or DISCO PARTY wearing this baby.  
These sequin shirts are very lightweight and comfortable for dancing or performing.  They are hand washable w/o shrinkage or dry cleanable.  The very lazy can turn the shirt inside out and machine wash, but will risk possible arrest by me....
If you have a party to go to and you don't want to buy pants, then
THIS IS THE SHIRT FOR YOU. It will match ANY pair of pants, every day pants or tacky ones. 
  Under comments please state  your TRUE CHEST SIZE  when ordering so that I can send the shirt that will fit you the best.
 Sizes:    SOLD     Check out the Royal Blue Sequin Shirts
    VISA/MC & PayPal Only    USA S&H $5.00 
 Order further below for UK orders

Men's Light Blue Sequin 1970's Style Disco Shirt

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UK Order of Light Blue Sequin Shirt S&H $15.00 USPS Airmail State date needed by under Special Comments which is at the bottom of the order form. Although not responsible for Customs delaying delivery of item. Delivery is 4-14 days.  Email if quicker delivery needed.

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To order by phone call 901-324-0051 2PM CST - 1AM

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