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Men's Two Tone Western Shirt with Black Velvet & Rope Appliqué

In Tan/Black or White/Black

 The rope appliqué and the two tone coloring of these shirts make them quite eye-catching.

They are quite sturdy as they 70% polyester and 30% cotton fabric has a good weight to it.  The fabric is not thin.

 The black velvet front yolk has appliquéd rope on the front.  The back yolk has the rope appliqué as well as a bull and rider.

The front pockets are real and trimmed with black piping.  The snaps are black.

This color may be sold out. Will try to put new style/color on by same company.

Hand washing and dry cleaning preserves the life of the fabric.

Men's 70s Pants       

Disco chains and matching 70s aviator eyeglasses available below. 

Sizes:   Sold Out (Green S Available 36" Chest)       $47.00  USA S&H $0.00 Priority w Tracking

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Men's Two Tone Black & Tan Western Shirt with Rope Appliqué

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