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Men's Psychedelic Brown & Tan Dotted
 1960's Style Shirt


My picture simply is not doing this reproduction 1960's style shirt justice.

I'll rephotograph these once my new digital camera arrives.

 It's definitely eye-catching enough to work for a 1960s or 1970s party, but is totally suitable just for clubbing. 

The 1960's styled shirt is made of 100% cotton and made in the USA. 

 It has a wonderful pattern that my current digital just could not reflect.

  The background is either black or very very dark brown which is covered in circles and oblong ovals that are either

 light brown or beige cased in light brown. 


The shirt's many color variations allow it to match a multitude of pants, i.e., any shade of brown, copper, black, orange, toffee, tan and beige.

Size:    S (40" around/36  fit) M (41" around/38 fit)    $34.00   $28.00 S&H $6.00

Men's Psychedelic Dark Brown and Tan Ovals 1960's Style Shirt

Select Size: $28.00

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