Purple, Black & White Striped
Reproduction 1970s Go Go Mini Dress

 This spunky little minidress is very similar to what your favorite fashion diva wore in 1973; obviously I was built quite differently then. 
  This reproduction mini dress is bright without being outrageous. It's perfect for someone attending a 70s theme party who does not like to stand out too much.
 The dress is a poly cotton blend knit so it feels good and breathes well.
The colors of the stripes are black, true white, true purple and lavender.  I have go go boots in black, white and purple that would match it.

I think this dress fits like a today's size
5/6 or a 6/7.  The chest is 35" and would fit 33-36" chests.  The waist area measures 29.5".  The dress flairs out from the waist on down.  The hip area measures 36" so it would probably look best on 34" hips. 
The dress has little wear and no spots.

The dress can be machine washed inside out.  It won't shrink.

Returns are considered if the dress does not fit.  Requests must be made via email.  Return without exchange is subject to a $3.00 processing fee and buyer pays all shipping.
Garment must be returned in same condition with no wearing.
Fed Ex Sale is Final.

 Size:   5-7   $24.00   USA  S&H $7.50   Use second order button for Fed Ex Delivery
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Purple, Black & White  Striped 60s/70s Style Go Go Mini Dress

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