Black 1960's Style Mid-Calve Boots

Are these SLEEK and  STYLIN or what?! 
These eye-catching babies are greatly influenced by a 1960's style with just enough modern influence to qualify them as
The exterior has the look and feel of very soft pliable leather, but it is politically correct as it is a high grade polyurethane, a man made fabric resembling the feel of leather without the guilt.  The entire boot is manmade actually. 
The inside has a soft cottony feeling lining.  The heel and undersoles have a skid-proof bottom, with the heel being 2 3/4" high and 1 3/4" wide making them nice and stable. 
The boots have a narrow elongated front toe design, yet they widen at the point where one's foot is the widest so they are
NOT NARROW in their fit.
  The pair I tried on
RAN VERY LARGE, so they probably all do.  I will size every pair before shipping as usual. I'm a 6 1/2 right now and the 6 is too large on me unless I put some thick shoe cushions in it.  The boots hit at mid calve about 3 1/2" below the knee.  They look as if they will fit those with small - medium calves, but are capable of stretching to fit larger calves.  If you have athletic or large calves you might ask me to stretch them for you before mailing. 
 These boots are very in style right now and can be worn with virtually anything from jeans, dress pants to skirts of all lengths.  This style of boot seems to be all one sees on TV. 
SIZE and FIT are GUARANTEED or exchangeable with buyer paying all shipping costs.

Please order the size you want them to fit like and I will likely be sending a 1/2 size smaller so that they do fit.  If you like your boots to run larger than your actual shoe size, please say under comments: " I would like an 8 1/2 boot even though it may be large on my 8 1/2 foot".  Shoe cushions would make this style more comfortable anyway.
Sizes: 5 1/2, 6, 6 1/2, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10   $35.00 S&H $9.00

ITEM: Black 1960s Style Mid-Calve Go Go Boots

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To Order by Phone Please Call 901-324-0051 Any Day Between 1:30PM CST - 1AM

Boots are exchangeable with buyer paying all shipping costs or returnable with a $5.00 restocking fee and buyer paying all shipping costs.  Fed Exed orders are not returnable.