Men's Purple & Lime Leopard Fat Boy

Oh yeah!  This is PIMPIN.  This is a fantastic reproduction of a man's 60s or 70s Floppy Pimp Hat.  It is basically made like a baseball cap that is VERY OVERSIZED on top as is the bill for that matter.  The exterior of the hat is all velvet and divided into sections of alternating black and leopard print as the picture shows.  The bill sticks out 3 1/4" at its largest point.  The inside is lined with black acetate and it has a zippered opening in case one wants to stuff the hat to fill it out a bit.
  This SUPERFLY HAT is meant for a male to wear ideally, but an incredibly fashion conscious woman could pull it off as well.  This EYE-CATCHING hat is 100% polyester, yet it is a good quality velvet and should be handwashable. 
I machine washed one of the floppy brimmed hats by this same company that is made out of the same materials and it came out looking brand new.
This FLASHY hat is so PIMPIN' that it will MAKE YOUR 1970's OUTFIT.  It won't even matter too much what else you have on if you are going for a Superfly 70s Look; all anyone is going to notice is the hat.  You will not be disappointed; you will probably be the HIT OF THE PARTY.

Black & Leopard Print Fatboy Pimp Hat  $29.00  USA or Canada S&H $6.00

Men's Black & Leopard Oversized 1970s Style Cap Pimp Hat

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