1970s Style Floppy Pink Hippy Hat

This hat is pretty LOUD and FLASHY for a hippy hat, but believe me the right female with the right outfit can pull it off!  If you don't have the clothes to match it, I do.  A warehouse full.  It is adjustable so that it can fit about any size head. There is an inner strip that can be pulled and attached to make it smaller.  The brim has an inner wire so that the shape can be altered into about anything, even a Cowboy Hat.  There is an inner pocket for one's cash or stash, handy when dancing.  The hat is very STRIKING and can MAKE AN OUTFIT.  If you don't have the nerve to wear super bells, the hat can still make an acceptable FLASHY 1970S DISCO STATEMENT.  It is also perfect for a Pimp N' Ho Party.

$35.00 S&H $5.50   Save on shipping with multiple purchase.

You may want to email to see if hat is in stock.  Email address is below.

Item: Pink with Lime Leopard Trim Floppy 70's Style Hat    

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