Men's Floppy Red 70s Style Pimp Hat 

Gets your attention doesn't it?.  Although this OUTRAGEOUSLY LOUD pimp hat is on a woman's head it BEST FITS a MAN'S HEADThe inside is adjustable for any woman who would be so bold.....I shudder at the thought.  This all velvet TREASURE can be shaped to "wave" into any shape one would want the brim to be.  The soft flexible inner wiring shapes easily.  The inside is lined, size adjustable and contains a secret pocket.  And it WASHABLE for those of you who have a tendency to party a bit to hard....  It's available in several colors. 
Can't find an outfit that makes a statement?
This reproduction 1970's style Pimp Hat  HAT SAYS IT ALL.  No one will even notice the rest of your outfit. You'll be the hit of the party!
$35.00 S&H $5.50    Save on shipping with multiple purchase.

Item: Red with Tan Leopard Trim  Floppy Pimp Hat

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