Fuzzirageous Pink Hat

I don't know whether to kill this or wear it!  Has Cousin It gone punk?  Pictures don't do this GLOWINGLY PINK hat justice.  It's true color is a bright medium/pale almost frosted pink.  It is simply FANTASTIC.  A CONTAGIOUS COLOR.  It makes one simply want to GRAB IT.  Of course it is more socially acceptable to wear as apposed to carrying it around all day squeezing it or gluing eyes to it and carrying it in a baby carrier on one's back.  Not that I have done that.....The very top and underbrim are made of Cotton Candy Pink velvet.  The rest of the exterior is 1 1/2" of fake fur fun.  It has a hidden inside pocket for your cash orID.  The inside is lined and has a size adjusting strip.  It fits an average size (not large) woman's head and can be made smaller for small adult heads or even children's heads. 
This FUZZILICIOUS hat is the right color for year round events.  It's ZANINESS will liven up any outfit or occasion, be it a 1970s party or a trip to Vegas.  It is absolutely IRRESISTIBLE.


 Item: Pink Fuzzirageous Hat 
$35.00 S&H $5.50

      Item: Pink Fuzzirageous Hat

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