Men's Copper Sansabelt Style
 Vintage Polyester 1970s Pants

         The color of these pants was very popular in the 70s from everything from clothing, household appliances to the carpet.  They are a bright copper or rust color.  They are made of a smooth polyester not knit, so they should not be too hot.
The pants were made by Hubbard, but they have an adjustable waist made in the Sansabelt style.  There are metal slides so one can adjust the waist to the proper size. 
  These will adjust down to a 32" waist, but will look best on a 34 - 36" waist.
The length is 30".
They are in very good condition.  They are a pretty sturdily made pant.
34-36" waist x 30" length pants are a perfect match with my
 multi color caramel and cream cotton retro/repro 70's shirt.

The combination would be a loud, but cool outfit to wear to a 1970s theme party. 

The pants are machine washable inside out.  Machine or dry. 

 Size:  34" - 36" W x 30" L     $36.00   SOLD      Will try to add more this size
      Email if needed right away

Men's Vintage Adjustable Waist Copper Polyester 70s Pants      

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