Men's Maroon Polyester
Vintage 1970s Pants

There's nothing quite like smooth 70s polyester disco pants to wear with a loud 70s disco shirt. 
They are lightweight yet flexible.  The mild stretch allows for quick disco moves such as leg kicks, flips and Saturday Night Fever Poses.

This pair of authentic vintage 1970s flairs is a maroon color.  The lightweight (not double knit) polyester pants match my Psychedelic Maroon Shirt perfectly.
This pair has a 39" waist and a 34" length with a 2.5" hem that could be let out.  There's room to let out the waist as well. 
 They are in great condition.

They are machine washable and dryable.

Sizes: 39" x 34"     $33.00     USA S&H $7.50   VISA/MC Only

 Men's Original Vintage 1970s Maroon Polyester Pants

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