Teal Blue & Gold Croc 1970's Style
Platform Sandals

Don't these ROCK?  The exterior consists of a shiny dark teal blue and gold vinyl combined in a faux crocodile pattern.

  These do not have a greenish hue.  In dark lighting they easily pass for black and gold. 

 In most lighting the blue looks navy even though it is really dark teal.

 The cut is a copy of a popular 1970s style that was usually worn with bell bottom pants or gauchos. 

 They are quite comfortable; I have a pair myself, mais dacor!

 The shoes have an average width, not narrow and are quite stable since the platform does not vary much in height. 

 What I have left in this color may have defective finishes. 

Email for your size if not seen.

Sizes:    6.5, 7.5-8, 8, 8.5, 8.5-9 
( Email with size request if interested) $4.00   S&H $8.50

Item: Teal Blue & Gold Faux Croc 1970s Style Platform Sandals

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