This is one of the MOST UNIQUE purses or handbags I have ever seen.  It manages looking just a bit CRAZY and CHIC at the same time!  My picture really doesn't do it justice.  The bottom 75% of the purse is made of a fuzzy black fake fur.  The upper section of the purse is made of patent vinyl.  The entire inside is lined with a sturdy nylon.  One inner side has a hidden zipper pocket.  The other inner side has two sectional pockets.  The purse has a magnetic snap to keep it closed.  The "Cousin It" like purse can be worn as a shoulder bag, but seems to be designed primarily as a hand held bag.  It is  approximately 17 1/2" in length and is about 12" wide with the fur extended.  It is solid black and of course can be worn as a HIP DAY PURSE or a somewhat unusual but  FUNKY EVENING BAG.  It would make a great gift, but is  A MUST for any serious purse collector.
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$15.00   USA  S&H   $5.50

             Item: Black "Cousin It" Faux Fur Handbag Purse   

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