Vintage 1970s Brown & Tan
 Children's Hotpants

What a find!  Can you believe it?  In my 25 years of collecting vintage clothing I have rarely found any original hot pants.
This is a tiny pair of never worn vintage hotpants that are a children's size or about an adult size minus two (-2).

  This pair of hot pants is
chocolate brown and tan.  They feel wonderful as they are 100% brushed cotton, never worn vintage 1970's. 
I believe this pair is approximately a today's children size 10 or an adult size minus 1. 
This pair has a fitted waist meaning they were meant to hit at the navel or real waist.  They are short like short shorts.  The "waist" area measures about 24 1/3".  Further down around the mid rear or hip area they are 31" wide.
These have a zip fly and flat front pockets. 
These are washable, but vintage cotton shrinks easily.  I would recommend hand washing in cold water and hang or flay drying.

 Size: Children's 10 - Adult -1 (24 1/3" Fitted Waist and 31" Hips)   $26.00 USA S& H $5.50
   (International orders to be placed further down in order to contain proper shipping charges)


The hotpants  are not returnable if purchased between 9/27 - 10/31.  Any other time of the year they are returnable with website approval and if never worn with buyer paying a 4% restocking fee if not exchanged for merchandise of equal value.

 Never Worn  Brown & Tan Children's 1970's Hotpants 

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