Black w Floating Dice Platform Ankle Boots

No these are not for gambling.  These WILD STOMPERS are for DISCOING THE NIGHT AWAY!  And while you're moving at Saturday Night Fever speed, the Dice and Glitter in these SEE-THRU HEELS will be bobbing all over the place doing their own dance.  My camera just can't catch the effect, but these heels are much like snow globes with dice an silver glitter.  And for a more DYNAMIC EFFECT I do carry flashing lights that suction cup onto the inner part of the heel SHOOTING PULSATING LIGHT through the water and lucite heel.  If you aren't the center of attention at this party then the host should be arrested.  These fantastic Repro 1970's Platform Ankle Boots are made with nice wide widths unlike their vintage counterparts and are generously sized; they do not run small, possibly large.
These outrageous boots would be perfect for those ghastly Pimp and Ho Parties as well.
Sizes:  12,13,14  $149.00      USA S&H $15.00 (rather heavy)
Flashing Attachable Lights: Currently Sold Out of Lights


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