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 Men's Baby Blue & White Giant Fly Collared Leisure Suit Jacket


This leisure jacket is not as boxy in person.

It hangs like a normal suit jacket, but looks, of course crazy!

The collar is GIGANTIC as are the pockets.

The jacket is extremely cheesy in person.

It is much lighter in color, more of a baby blue.

The fabric combines white and medium blue streaks which produce a light or pale blue color overall, in person.

I think I have matching pants to this somewhere, but who knows where.

The jacket would blend with about any color of blue polyester pants as well as cream or off white.


 There's no size on the jacket, but it measures approximately 41" around.

I think it would fit a today's medium to large or a size 40.

The sleeves are a little under 31" so they will show a shirt cuff.  There is fabric to let them out.

The 100% polyester jacket can be machine washed.

Hang dry.

The exterior is in great condition.  The lining has some wear from me machine washing the jacket.

Very Cheesy

Size:  (42 - 44 Chest Fit) $55.00   Priority S&H $8.50  USA  West Coast $9.50  

2-3 Day Fed Ex $24.00   

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  Item:  Men's Vtg Large Fly Collared Light Blue Leisure Suit Jacket

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