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 Men's Liquid Silver 1970's Style Shiny Disco Shirt

These are wonderfully reflective shirts.  They're perfect for a disco party.

The last one of these that I have has an even shinier finish than the one above.  It's a 38 - 40 long fit.

These last shirts look fantastic, but they may have a delicate finish.  The shirts might only last a few wears.

****Sold Out for a Few Months**** 

Some of the silver might wear off of these remaining shirts after a few wears or after very heavy sweating. 

This last one that I have left a better shine than the one above.  It may not be defective or fragile.

Any of the remaining shirts will be considered imperfect and sale will be final.

These are made of a super lightweight breathable polyester that has a soft vinyl like look to it. 

 It is so shiny that it looks like wet silver paint.
There is a little bit of black in it as well as black buttons so it is a perfect match for black pants.
  The stretchy shirts run close to true to size and possess
rather long arm lengths. 

 You might want to state your chest size when ordering under the Special Comments section on the order form. 


Sold Out

Sizes: M
(38 - 40 Fit, 36" Sleeve)   $00.00 S&H $5.00

2 Day Fed Ex $21.00

 Disco Chains and Sunglasses Available Further Down

The Shirts Run Long

Item: Liquid Silver 1970's Style Disco Shirt 

 Select Larger Size:    $00.00

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2 Day Fed Ex Order Shirt Here Instead S&H $22.00 (West Coast can Run Higher)

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 For Questions, Please Email:

901-647-9416 (2 or 3PM - 12AM CST)

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