Light Blue 1970's Plus Size Minidress

Well how often does one find a really cool Original 1960's or 1970's Minidress  in a Size 16 or 18?  Never!  It's hard to find an original vintage minidress in any size over 8, let alone one of this size.  And this is a really unique dress to boot with its gorgeous belled sleeves made of heavy applique or eyelit.
 So you CAN go to your 70s party and look good afterall wearing a
True Vintage 1970's Minidress.
This original lightweight double knit polyester gem is actually a pale turquoise in color, very similar to light blue.  It doesn't have a size in it, but since I can size clothing visually I would say it is approximately a size 16 or 18 by today's standards.
The eye-catching dress is in
Great Condition.  The sleeves aren't full length; they are 3/4 length.  The chest measures approximately 42" and the hips about 46".  I believe one can be small or large chested to fit this dress as long as one is at least 38" wide in that area.  The dress does not have any damage or wear that I can see, a real find.
It would look great with White Go Go Boots or Silver Platform Sandals, which I do carry.
Size 16-18  Sold  S&H  $5.50
    Item: Pale Turquoise 1970's Minidress with Eyelit Sleeves  
Dress is returnable if within one week of receiving, with website approval and buyer pays all shipping costs and a 5% restocking fee.  Not returnable if purchased during October.

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