Black 1960's Style Mid-Calve Boots

Are these SLEEK and STYLIN or what?! 

These eye-catching babies are greatly influenced by a 1960's style combined with a modern look.

The exterior has the look and feel of very soft pliable leather, but it is politically correct as it is a high grade polyurethane,


 a man made fabric resembling the feel of leather without the guilt.  - The entire boot is manmade actually. 


Please order the size you want them to fit like and I will likely be sending a 1/2 size smaller so that they do fit. 

Sizes:  7, 7.5   $00.00 S&H $9.00

 Black 1960s Style Mid-Calve Go Go Boots

Select size:

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For Qestions, Please Email

Located in Memphis, TN

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