Black T-Strap 1970's Style Maryjane Pumps

Finally a pump that is both STRIKING and COMFORTABLE.  Why did it take so long?! These have been selling like gangbusters in my store so I have decided to offer them to my web customers as well.
These EYE-CATCHING heels are all man-made, so there is no guilt involved.  They are lightly cushioned and the toe area is fairly wide, a switch for a pump, so they would be comfortable for dancing the night away.  The heel is about 4" at its highest point.  The ankle strap is adjustable. 
The shoe's design borrows from several decades.  There is a 1940's influence as well as 1970's.  This style shoe was worn in the 70s with 3/4 length dresses and skirts which were very popular from 1974 until the 80s.  Maryjanes were worn in the 1920's and the 1960's, but this heel is influenced mostly by a 1940's era shoe. 
They are definitely
STRIKING PUMPS that would be great for dancing and a must for any shoe collector.  They also have a look that can be worn during the day or in the evening.

These run VERY large. P
lease order your actual size and I will send a pair that should fit your actual size.  Feel free to add any comments about your size under the comments section of the order form.
(Actual Fit) Size:     7-7.5,  10, 10.5    $25.85  S&H $7.50
These are going fast, feel free to email before ordering to verify on the availability of your size to Brook at

Item: Black T - Strap Maryjane Pumps Swing Shoes

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