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Vintage Deadstock White 1950's Women's
Oxford Swing Dance Shoes

There's nothing much more comfortable for swing dancing than oxford shoes. 

 This style of women's oxford lace up shoes was worn to sock hops more than one may realize. 

 The completely smooth hard leather bottoms make them great for spinning. 

These original vintage shoes are in Mint Condition. 

 The never worn shoes have soft pliable yet sturdy leather uppers and rarely ever seen hard leather sewn on soles.

  The heels are made of sturdy very hard Good Year rubber. 

The color of these is pure snow white so they'll match all kinds of things and would be great for a 1950's party

 or dance paired with a circle or poodle skirt.

 These never worn mint condition shoes likely date from the 1950's or late 1940's. 

 They are made of a high grade leather and are very high quality shoes. 

 Some of them are in their original boxes and were priced at $140.00 originally decades ago.

 Sizes:  9 Narrow & 10E (email for other sizes)  $69.00  Priority S&H $7.85

ITEM: Women's White  Vintage Never Worn 1950's Oxford Shoes

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