Light Blue & Gold Split Front 1970's
Style Disco Top

This reproduction top is more dazzling than you can imagine.  I fooled with the picture in Paintshop in order to try to bring out the sparkling gold in it without much success.  The background of the top is actually very light blue or pale aqua blue that is covered with a lot of metallic gold.  The fabric is smooth and stretchy though.  The reflective baby blue and gold is kind of a hologram effect.  The color combination is very eye catching due to the sparkle, but it also produces a gorgeous spectrum of color.
The disco style top blends well with faded jeans or shiny gold pants .
The top basically has a halter style cut.  The chest area is lined so one shouldn't  need a bra.  The fabric in front does split about 4-5 inches down one's chest creating a mid drift type of effect.  I have it pulled open more above.  One's back is partially covered as the back band is about 9" in height ending just a little above one's waistline.

The reproduction disco top is hand washable and will not shrink.   It does not have to be dry cleaned. 
Sizes: 2, 2/3(26-28" Chest)  4/5(29-31")  $16.00  USA S&H $4.65    VISA/MC Only
 It is helpful with the proper fit if you state your actual numerical size under Special Comments at the bottom of the order form when ordering.  Email if larger size is needed.
Item: Pale Aqua Blue & Gold Shimmer Split Front Disco Top

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