Dazzling Turquoise Blue Sequin Halter

Simply smashing!
  My camera just didn't do this one justice.  It is SPECTACULAR in person.  It actually ALL ONE COLOR,  light turquoise blue and is made of a crocheted rayon (very soft) with strategically placed oval sequins that are the same color as the knit area, but do reflect iridescently.  The fancy halter would be perfect for a 1970's theme party or any formal event if paired with tasteful dress pants. 
 These are dry clean only; they can be hand washed, but will shrink a bit.  There is a tie at the neck and there are two lower ties, one near the waist area and the other further up towards the bottom of the rib cage, allowing for a custom fit.   

Sizes: 2/3   $23.00 S&H $5.00    Please specify your actual chest size (# and cup size) when ordering if possible so that I can achieve a proper fit under the Special Comments section at the bottom of the order form.

Item: Turquoise Blue Knit Sequin Pullover

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