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Men's Vintage Baby Blue Polyester 1970s Bellbottom Disco Pants

These authentic vintage bellbottom pants are a very pale light blue color.
During the 70s it was referred to as Baby Blue and it was a very popular color for men and women.

This pair of classic 70s pants is a very well made pair.

The fabric is very nice looking as if they might have been part of a suit.  There is a bit of a herringbone
weave to the smooth pale blue fabric. 

The fabric looks like an expensive cotton of some kind, but I think it is a high grade polyester or a poly cotton blend. 

They did not wrinkle when I washed them. 

They have a great cut.  The bell is more obvious in person.

The flashy pants would work for a 70s theme party, a pimp look or a disco look.

A white satin shirt or a shirt with light blue in it would match these.

 The waist is 37" and there is room to let it out.  The length is 35" with a very generous hem,
so it could be let out as well.
The pants have been laundered.

  After wearing the pants can be machine washed and dried.

Sold, Other Light Blue Available

Size: 37"W x 35L"  or longer    $00.00     USA S&H $7.50   VISA/MC Only

 Men's Vintage Polyester Light Blue 1970s Bellbottom Pants

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Located in Memphis, TN

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