Flashy Black Sequin Miniskirt

Could this be any more SMASHING?! 

 These black miniskirts are WONDERFUL 60s or early 70s reproductions. 

Can you say The Supremes? 

They are very lightweight and breathable. 

The large sequins are horizontally covering what feels like a thin polyester fabric. 

 There is a side zipper and the skirts are hand-washable.  They are lined as well.

I recently found another one of these in the warehouse. 

The sequins don't go all the way to the top edge on the back, so this might be an imperfect one.

It is perfectly fine for a party and one probably wouldn't notice it if I had not mentioned it.

 Size: 10 Fit (Says Size 12)   $29.00  S&H $4.00


Item: Black Large Sequin 1960's Vintage Style Mini Skirt

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