Baby Pink or Light Blue Satin Dressy
  Platform Pumps Now Available

These elegant shoes are perfect for wearing to a prom while possessing just a hint of funkiness enabling them to be worn with a disco outfit as well.  The upper is covered with a  glimmery nylon satin fabric.  It feels sturdy for a fabric covering.  The strappy upper toe area has a silver metal circle with embedded rhinestones in the middle. The inner sole is cushioned for comfort.
The back heel is 4.5" in height.  The front platform is about 1.25".
 The shoes have a skid-proof bottom.
These glamorous pumps generally run at least a half size large. 
Please order the size that you want them to fit like and I will likely be sending a pair that says it is one half size smaller.  I will size every pair to make sure the right fit is sent. 
Exchanges are allowed.

The silver color may be sold out.  They need to be inventoried.  Email if size needed soon.
The same beautiful pump is available in Baby Pink and Light Blue.  Order Below.

  Feel free to make comments or
list your foot's size in actual inches under the "Special Notes" section of the order form.
Sizes: 7.5 (fit, says 7), 7.5-8, 8, 8-8.5, 8.5, 8.5-9, 9, 9.5, 10 maybe 10.5   $25.00
 USA S&H $7.85      VISA/MC Only     UK  S&H $19.00
Also available in Pale Pink and in Light Blue
 Baby Pink or Baby Blue Satin-like Prom Pumps or Disco Heels

Select Size& Color:

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Order Below for International Shipping of Satin Prom Shoes
US Post Office Airmail $19.00
(5-18 Day Delivery) Email to make sure your size is available.
Not responsible for Customs holding and detaining delivery of item.

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Email any questions to
Shoes are exchangeable if buyer receives approval within 5 days after receiving and buyer pays all shipping costs. There is a 5% restock fee if there is no exchange.
 No exchanges or returns allowed between
10/13/07 - 11/07/07.

Between those dates sale is final, so please state EXACT SHOE SIZE and foot width in inches if possible under the Special Notes section at the bottom of the order form. 

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