Black Suede 1960's Vintage Style Fringe Vest


This black suede vest has longer fringe than many styles.

It's a reproduction vest (maybe 80s) so the suede is soft and in good condition, no dryness. 


The fringe and front of the vest is soft suede.

The back is a stretchy knit that would allow for flexibility in fit.

Without stretching the vest is approximately 32" or 33" around.

It will easily stretch to 35".

It would nicely fit a 32C, 34B or 34C as it has slight breast cups, not a flat front.

The zippers in the front are real, but there are no pockets underneath....

Size: 4 - 6 32" - 33" Before Stretch (Cut for 32C or 34B or 34C) 

This One is Missing - Buried

$23.85  USA S&H $3.85

Sale is Final

Item: Black Suede with Long Fringe Vintage Style Vest


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