Unisex Multi Denim 70s Style Pimp or Club Hat

This has been sold out and replaced by a hat made in the same style or cut, but out of matte white vinyl; its very mod.  This is a great reproduction of a UNISEX  1960's or 1970's Cap Style Pimp Hat.  It is basically cut like a baseball cap that is somewhat oversized on top.
  The exterior of the hat is made of a very soft denim that obviously has a faded denim or grayish blue denim color to it.  The interior is lined with a black poly/cotton fabric that possesses a zipper opening in the middle that I suppose one could open in order to stuff the hat to puff it up even more.
The 1970's flashback hat should fit about any woman's head unless it is very small and a small to average sized man's head.  Hats of this style were often perched at an angle on the head in the 70s.

  The unisex hat is very "in" right now for every day wear or as a club hat.  For the conservative person (is there any other kind in the South?) the hat would be great for a 1960's or a 1970's party as well as a Pimp N' Ho Party.  The hat should blend with various shades of denim.  It is hand-washable.
Denim Cap Style Pimp Hat    SOLD    S&H $4.65

Replacement Hat: Matte White Vinyl Sectioned Cap Hat  $15.00

Mod 60s/70s Sectioned Matte White Vinyl Cap Hat

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