White with Floating Fish Platform Ankle Boots

Right now this boot is available only in a solid white, which means the heel is solid white.
One may order below.
How many years have you been waiting to see these again?  I have heard about fish swimming around in clear heels in platforms FOREVER, but had never seen it until now.  AT LAST.  FLOATING FISH IN WATER FILLED HEELS PLATFORMS!  Life can begin.  And while you're at a Disco or Pimp and Ho Party moving at Saturday Night Fever speed, the Fish and Foliage in these SEE-THRU HEELS will be bobbing all over the place doing their own dance.  My camera just can't catch the effect; I will reshoot these with better lighting for you.  And for a more DYNAMIC EFFECT I do carry flashing lights that suction cup onto the inner part of the heel SHOOTING PULSATING LIGHT through the water and lucite heel.  If you aren't the center of attention at this 1970's party then the host should be arrested.  These fantastic repro stacks are made with nice wide widths unlike their vintage counterparts and are generously sized; they do not run small, possibly large.  The exterior is a matte white sturdy polyurethane with an inner zipper. 

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  Men's White Inner Zip Platform Ankle Boots - Solid White

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Fabulous Matching Repro 70s Aviator Sunglasses $9.00

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To Order by Phone Please Call 901-324-0051 Any Day Between 1:30PM CST - 1AM

Boots are exchangeable with buyer paying all shipping costs or returnable with a $5.00 restocking fee and buyer paying all shipping costs.  Fed Exed orders are not returnable.
Platform Boots are not returnable during October or Halloween season.

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